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Shayegh Soheil
Soheil Shayegh
Junior Researcher (Milan)
Phone: + 39 2 520 36916
Email: soheil.shayegh@feem.it


Soheil Shayegh is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow at FEEM. Prior to his fellowship he was a postdoctoral research scientist at Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. He got his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. His PhD thesis was on stochastic modeling for integrated assessment models of climate change and economy where he focused on developing new tools and approximation algorithms for optimal greenhouse gas emission mitigation policies. During his postdoc, Soheil focused on designing integrated assessment models that include solar geoengineering as an alternative policy. He was also involved in a collaborative project with researchers at Brown University to develop an climate economic model with induced technological change and population growth. He has also worked on the adaptation side of response to climate change and has a research project on adaptation to rates of climate change. His current research project at FEEM is focused on robust climate policy in the face of various uncertainties in climate modeling and observations.

Curriculm Vitae: download PDF