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"Climate Change and Sustainable Development"

The research programme on Climate Change and Sustainable Development addresses the two inter-related issues of climate change and sustainable development and a corollary of key topics in the field of environmental economics.

The programme builds upon twenty years of successful FEEM research in the field. In the specific area of climate change, FEEM has achieved a leading position in the international research community, as a result of the in-house development and application of several methodologies for the economic analysis of climate and energy policies.

FEEM models address world-wide vulnerability to changes in climatic conditions, and investigate the economics of mitigation and adaptation to these changes. In the specific area of sustainable development, FEEM research covers a variety of issues: sustainable management of natural resources, the economics of natural hazards and extreme events, and the use of indicators to measure sustainability and growth beyond GDP.

FEEM can also rely on a strong research team of applied economists who investigate the economic performance of various environmental and climate policy instruments. The twofold goal of this research programme is to contribute to science while guiding policies and informing the public debate.


Surname NameRole
Alberini Anna Research Associate
Aleluia Da Silva Reis Lara Junior Researcher
Amadio Mattia PhD Student
Athanasoglou Stergios Visiting Researcher
Berger Loïc Research Associate
Bevione Michela Research Associate
Bigano Andrea Senior Researcher
Bonan Jacopo Junior Researcher
Bonesso Alessandra Fund-Raising and Projects Office
Bosello Francesco Climate Change Economic Impacts and Adaptation (EIA) Program Coordinator
Bosetti Valentina Senior Researcher
Breil Margaretha Senior Researcher