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Mitigation, Innovation and Transformation Pathways

The primary focus of the research program on ‘Mitigation, Innovation and Transformation Pathways - MITP’ is the transition to a sustainable global economic system.

The transition process involves the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the management of local pollution, innovation and technological change, and the use of renewable and non-renewable resources. These issues are assessed from an economic perspective, and they are addressed within a framework of economic and public policy analysis.

In these fields FEEM builds upon twenty years of cutting-edge research. FEEM has achieved a leading position at the international level in the study of the economic impact of climate change through the in-house development and application of several methodologies for the economic analysis of climate and energy policies.

Other important goals of this program are: research for scientific progress, support to policy and participation in the public debate.

The MITP program has an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. It pursues its goals with methodological rigor to study the different aspects of the economic and environmental transition.

The program focuses on the following research areas:

  • integrated assessment of climate, energy and environmental policies: elaboration of integrated modeling tools for environmental assessment with a strong economic component to answer key environmental policy issues.
  • data driven quantification of clean energy innovation: studies for the quantification of innovation for energy saving and low impact energy technologies.
  • risk and uncertainty: analysis of the role of risk and uncertainty on environmental and climate policy making.
  • behavioural science for energy and the environment: assessment of the behavioural elements which affect the decisions of individuals, corporations and institutions in the realm of environmental choices.

The MITP research team is composed of researchers with different kinds of expertise, ranging from  economics, to statistics, science and engineering.


Surname NameRole
Alberini Anna Research Associate
Aleluia Da Silva Reis Lara Junior Researcher
Athanasoglou Stergios Visiting Researcher
Berger Loïc Research Associate
Bertolin Silvia Consultant
Bevione Michela Research Associate
Bigano Andrea Senior Researcher
Bonacorsi Laura Junior Researcher
Bonan Jacopo Junior Researcher
Bonesso Alessandra Fund-Raising and Projects Office
Bosello Francesco Climate Change Economic Impacts and Adaptation (EIA) Program Coordinator
Bosetti Valentina Senior Researcher