New FEEM volume of the "Percorsi" series on the disclosure and mitigation of climate-related risks in Italian companies
FEEM Policy Brief on "Energy poverty alleviation and its consequences on climate change mitigation and African economic development" by I.Alloisio, J.Bonan, C.Carraro, M.Davide, M.Hafner, S.Tagliapietra, M.Tavoni
FEEM Policy Brief on "Disclosing climate-related risks: current and future prospects" by Fabio Moliterni and Francesco Vernizzi
FEEM researcher G. Standardi presents his article "Sensitivity of Modeling Results to Technological and Regional Details: the Case of Italy's Carbon Mitigation Policy" published in Energy Economics
FEEM Press on "Energy Governance, Institutions and Policies in China and the EU"
FEEM researcher A. Bigano presents his FEEM WP on the willingness to pay to curb CO2 emissions
FEEM researcher S. Tagliapietra presents his book "Energy Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean"
Equilibri 2.2016 - Mediterraneo, un mare di energie
FEEM publishes article in Nature Climate Change on how hard it is to to affect policymakers with climate science information
FEEM researcher J. Bonan presents his FEEM WP on "Access to Modern Energy: a Review of Barriers, Drivers and Impacts"
FEEM Researcher K. Johnson presents her article "Multi-hazard risk assessment of two Hong Kong districts" published in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
FEEM Press on "Il turismo nei Parchi. Analisi del potenziale competitivo delle aree protette: il caso Basilicata"
FEEM researcher G. Marangoni presents the article “Sensitivity of projected long term CO2 emissions across the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways” published in Nature Climate Change
FEEM researcher E. Verdolini presents her FEEM WP on "Bridging the Gap: Do Fast Reacting Fossil Technologies Facilitate Renewable Energy Diffusion?"
FEEM researchers Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra present their volume "The Future of European Gas Markets"
FEEM researcher Valentina Bosetti presents her paper on “Do Extreme Weather Events Generate Attention to Climate Change?”
FEEM researcher E. Verdolini presents her FEEM WP on the future prospects of energy technologies
FEEM Policy Brief on "Clubs, R&D and climate finance: incentives for ambitious GHG emission reductions"
Climate scientists explain the misunderstandings about climate change and the Paris Agreement
FEEM Press volume on the Bruegel-FEEM Euro-Mediterranean Energy Talks
FEEM Press volume on "The Evolving Geopolitics of North Africa and its Impact on Energy Markets"
Feem News
FEEM launches the “Percorsi” series with a volume on the disclosure and mitigation of climate-related risks in Italian companies

According to the 2017 Global Risks Report issued by the World Economic Forum, climate change ranks second among the underlying trends able to affect global development over the next 10 years. This may represent both an opportunity and a risk for companies that need to improve the degree of information about the strategies they intend to adopt to face climate-related risks. The volume “Rischi climatici: mitigazione e disclosure nelle imprese italiane”, edited by Prof. Stefano Pareglio,  presents the results of the research project DeRisk-CO (Disclosure, Measurement, Management and Mitigation of Climate-Related Risks for Companies) started by FEEM in 2016.
The volume is the first of the “Percorsi” series that will publish works related to local or national projects, local reports and papers on more general topics.

Download the volume here!

FEEM contributes to G20 Insights Policy Briefs on Climate Policy and Finance

FEEM researcher E. Verdolini is lead author of "Innovative green-technology SMEs as an opportunity to promote financial de-risking" that underlines the role of innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in promoting financial de-risking while addressing Paris Agreement commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals;
C. Carraro and E. Verdolini have contributed to the G20 Insights Policy Brief  "Towards a comprehensive approach to climate policy, sustainable infrastructure, and finance“ that proposes a policy package of low-carbon growth stimulation to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals;
I. Alloisio has contributed to the policy brief “Fostering sustainable global growth through green finance – what role for the G20?” that highlights how to align the financial system – banking, capital markets and insurance – with sustainable development;
L. Campagnolo has contributed to the policy brief "The G20’s role in improving quality of life through sustainable energy and urban infrastructure in Africa" focusing on critical aspects of infrastructure in African cities.
The G20 Insights Platform is a new initiative of the T20 network (Think Tanks from G20 countries) and the Council for Global Problem-Solving that offers policy proposals to the G20.

Building Global Governance for "Climate Refugees": FEEM contributes to G20 Insights Policy Brief on Forced Migration

Global governance of displaced and trapped populations, forced migration and refugees is not prepared for the numbers likely to manifest under a changing climate. The G20 Insights Policy Brief “Building Global Governance for 'Climate Refugees'” co-authored by FEEM researcher C. Cattaneo stresses the need for action on the issue of climate mobility. The G20 Insights Platform is a new initiative of the T20 network (Think Tanks from G20 countries) and the Council for Global Problem-Solving that offers policy proposals to the G20.

Download the brief!

Read more on Climate-Induced Migration here!

Release of report on "Nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas"

The report "Nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas – developing an impact evaluation framework" is the outcome of a request from the European Commission DG Research and Innovation to develop an assessment framework to evaluate the multiple benefits, disservices, trade-offs and synergies of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). The main purpose of the request is to apply this framework to H2020-funded NBS demonstration projects for increasing urban resilience to climate change. The report was produced within the  EKLIPSE project by 15 experts with a broad range of expertise. FEEM researcher Margaretha Breil, an expert in urban planning and in urban and environmental policies, contributed to the report.

Download the report!

Launch of "Financing the Future", Report of the Italian National Dialogue on Sustainable Finance

The Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System has been initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to advance policy options to improve the financial system’s effectiveness in mobilizing capital for sustainable development. Under the auspices of UNEP and based on the inputs from National Dialogue on Sustainable Finance, the Report of the Italian National Dialogue on Sustainable Finance "Financing the Future", edited by MATTM and UN Environment, has been launched in Rome on February 7, 2017. 

Download the Report!

FEEM researcher wins IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award

The IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award 2017 has been assigned ex-equo to Shouro Dasgupta, FEEM, CMCC and University of Venice, for the paper "Impact of Climate Change on Malaria: A Quantile Regression Analysis", and Claudia Ghisetti, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, for the paper "Demand-pull and environmental innovations: estimating the effects of innovative public procurement". The IAERE Award is given to the best paper presented by a young economist at the Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE). The 2017 Award was announced at the Fifth IAERE Annual Conference on February 16-17, 2017.

Kick-off Conference of the SDG Center for Africa (SDGC/A) in Kigali

The kick-off conference of the SDG Center for Africa (SDGC/A) was held in Kigali on 28 January 2017. SDGC/A is an initiative promoted by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN). SDGC/A develops concrete action plans and coordinates the SDSN network in Africa to support governments, civil society, businesses and academic institutions to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa. The conference was the occasion to present the Africa Report 2030 “How Africa Can Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. The report identifies the main themes and regions that require policy action to achieve the SDGs within 2030. FEEM was invited to the event and is pleased to publish the full report and press release in European preview.

Find out more!

Energy Relations in the Euro-Mediterranean. A Political Economy Perspective

This new volume by FEEM Researcher Simone Tagliapietra investigates the current status and future prospects of energy relationships in the Euro-Mediterranean region. By adopting a political economy perspective, it provides insight into regional cooperation in the fields of natural gas and renewable energy. The author posits that regional energy relations have yet to be examined through a comprehensive analytical framework in order to realistically assess the potential role of energy in acting as a catalyst for greater economic and political cooperation in the region.

Watch the video-presentation of the book by Simone Tagliapietra!

FEEM announces release of latest issue of Equilibri

Energy resources in the Mediterranean is the focus of the new issue of Equilibri, the Italian journal published by FEEM with il Mulino. In their opening article, Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra argue that  Europe should urgently rethink its policies in the Mediterranean area to give a tangible and sustainable contribution to the economic development of South Mediterranean countries. In this framework energy could be the first step of the process aimed at reinforcing regional cooperation.

Find out more!

FEEM publishes in Nature Climate Change on climate negotiators' responses to climate model predictions

Exposure to climate models’ predictions affects policymakers and climate negotiators less than the informed general public. But the right presentation format can improve forecasts’ effectiveness. These are the conclusions drawn by FEEM researchers V. Bosetti, L. Berger, M. Tavoni and co-authors in the article “COP21 climate negotiators’ responses to climate model forecasts” recently published in Nature Climate Change.

Find out more!

SDSN Youth launches the first edition of the Youth Solutions Report

The first edition of the Youth Solutions Report, which identifies 50 youth-led projects aiming to solve the world’s toughest problems, was released on January 31, 2017 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The Youth Solutions Report is an initiative of the SDSN Youth, the global youth division of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It aims to amplify the capabilities of youth in generating broader buy-in for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FEEM is hosting institution of SDSN Italia and, among others institutions, supporter of the Youth Solutions Report initiative.

Read and download the report!

FEEM publishes in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Hong Kong is a densely populated coastal metropolis exposed to intense and potentially overlapping hydro-meteorological hazards, including heat waves, typhoons, and landslides. The article “Multi-hazard risk assessment of two Hong Kong districts” by FEEM researchers K. Johnson, M. Breil et al. presents the results of a GIS-based assessment of present day risk to socio-natural hazards in two districts of Hong Kong. Mapping hazards and vulnerabilities helps to visualize the spatial distribution and concentrations of risk located throughout the city, and thereby facilitates the tailoring of measures that can reduce risk at the very local scale.  

Watch the video!

FEEM announces release of latest FEEM Press volume

Since 2008 FEEM has carried out research on sustainable tourism in the Basilicata region as a driver of local development. In the latest FEEM Press volume “Il turismo nei Parchi. Analisi del potenziale competitivo delle aree protette: il caso Basilicata”, FEEM researchers Livio Chiarullo, Delio Colangelo and Marcella De Filippo analyze the competitive potential of tourism in the protected areas of this region.

Find out more!

Download the book! (in Italian)

Do renewables need fossil fuel technologies?

Washington Post and Houston Chronicle articles cite the NBER and FEEM working paper “Bridging the Gap: Do Fast Reacting Fossil Technologies Facilitate Renewable Energy Diffusion?”. The paper, co-authored by FEEM researcher Elena Verdolini with Francesco Vona (OFCE Sciences-Po and SKEMA Business School) and David Popp (Syracuse University and NBER),  discusses the role of fossil-based power generation technologies in supporting renewable energy investments.

Watch the video presentation of the paper by Elena Verdolini!

How to calculate risk premium in case of climate change damage

This FEEM Working Paper by A. Markandya, E. De Cian, L. Drouet, J. M. Polanco-Martìnez and F. Bosello proposes a methodology to calculate risk premium in case of climate change damage.
In the presence of uncertainty about climate change damages, are people satisfied to be protected against the "average" outcomes? We show that in fact this is not the case. The presence of risk aversion increases the perceived damage above the average one. We quantify accordingly this "addition" and we re-analyse the decision to mitigate and to adapt in the light of this correction".

The Truth about Climate Change report becomes the gold standard

"The Truth About Climate Change" report on climate change and the Paris agreement becomes the gold standard after reaching 600 million via radio, TV, print, Internet and the social media. The report is authored by top climate scientists including FEEM Scientific Director, Prof. Carlo Carraro.

Read the report here!
Read Ansa news here!
Read Le Figaro article here!
Read more here!

Advances and slowdowns in carbon capture and storage technology development

This FEEM Working Paper by A. D'Aprile explores the main progress and deadlocks of Carbon Capture and Storage technology development in recent years, including economic constraints, regulation complexity, political and environmental factors.
CCS technology still struggles to emerge as a sound low-carbon choice for governments and investors. Post-COP21 national and international efforts, as well as local policies and context, will play an increasingly critical role in the next phase of CCS deployment

FEEM Video Interviews with Experts on Tools & Methods to Evaluate Policies on SDGs!

The interviews with the speakers of the International Workshop on "Analytical Tools and Methods to Evaluate Impacts of Public Policies on Sustainable Development Goals" have been published on the FEEM Youtube Channel.

Watch the interviews!

FEEM researcher Elena Verdolini authors article published in Risk Analysis

Expert elicitations are frequently used to characterize future technology outcomes. However, many argue that the usefulness of this methodology is limited, because estimates across studies are not easily comparable; choices in survey design and expert selection may bias results; and over-confidence is a persistent problem. The article by G.F. Nemet, L. Diaz Anadon and E. Verdolini compares data from 16 elicitations, involving 169 experts, on the 2030 costs of 5 energy technologies to provide quantitative evidence of how survey and expert characteristics affect experts’ estimates.
Read the article here!

FEEM researchers contribute to article in "Highlights of 2016" collection from Environmental Research Letters

On the 10th anniversary of Environmental Research Letters (ERL) the article “A multi-model assessment of the co-benefits of climate mitigation for global air quality” authored by FEEM researchers L. Aleluia Reis, L. Drouet and M. Tavoni in cooperation with international scientists for the LIMITS project has been selected to feature in the "Highlights of 2016" collection from ERL. The papers were chosen on the basis of referee endorsement, originality, scientific impact and breadth of appeal.

See the full list of articles featured in the highlights!

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