FEEM researcher E. Verdolini presents her FEEM WP on renewable subsidies in Italy
FEEM researcher Valentina Bosetti presents her recent paper on “Do Extreme Weather Events Generate Attention to Climate Change?”
New FEEM Policy Brief on "Clubs, R&D and climate finance: incentives for ambitious GHG emission reductions"
European Gas Markets - A Balancing Act between Decarbonisation and Security of Supply
Climate scientists explain the misunderstandings about climate change and the Paris Agreement
New FEEM Press volume on the Bruegel-FEEM Euro-Mediterranean Energy Talks
New FEEM Press volume on "The Evolving Geopolitics of North Africa and its Impact on Energy Markets"
L. Aleluia Reis presents her recent article published in Nature Climate Change
F. Bosello presents his recent FEEM WP on uncertainty and adaptation cost estimation in case of climate change damages
Equilibri celebrates 20 years of publication
A. D'Aprile presents her latest FEEM WP on Carbon Capture and Storage
S. Santato presents her latest FEEM WP on the water abstraction license regime in Italy
FEEM article in Environmental Research Letters
New FEEM Press on "Turkey’s Regional Gas Hub Ambitions"
FEEM article in Nature Energy
Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in Italy - IT 2015 Report
FEEM infographics on climate change
Feem News
December 1, 2016, Rome: International Conference "The Path - Environmental Migration and the Climate Challenge after COP22"

"The Path" is an international conference dedicated to the phenomenon of the environmental migration. The conference is promoted by Legambiente in collaboration with SDSN Italia and hosted by the Pontifical Lateran University. FEEM, hosting institution of SDSN Italia, on November 22-23, 2016 in Milan has organized and hosted the international conference on "Climate-Induced Migration".

Download the Program of "The Path"!
Find out more about "The Path"!

November 28, 2016: ICCG Best Climate Practices 2016 Awards Ceremony

The ICCG Best Climate Practices 2016 Awards Ceremony will be hosted by FEEM in Milan on November 28, 2016 at 12.00 p.m. The 2016 Best Climate Practices contest, at its fourth edition, featured 14 candidates from all over the world, presenting a wide range of solutions to raise and drive financial support toward local, small-scale mitigation and adaptation actions, to increase inclusiveness and simplify access to climate finance. The awarding ceremony will be the occasion to showcase the most innovative and compelling projects that have participated in the 2016 edition, and to explore the landscape and challenges of climate finance with the help of experts and researchers.

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The final ranking of the proposals was obtained by combining the public’s inputs gathered through the online voting and the assessments of the international Experts Panel
FEEM at COP22: GCF approves first fast-track National Adaptation Plan grants for Liberia and Nepal

In a side event organized by the Green Climate Fund (GCF), GCF co-chiar Mr. Ewen Mc Donald has announced the approval of the first fast track National Adaptation Plan grants for Liberia and Nepal and the proposal by the first commercial bank accredited by the Green Climate Fund, Deutsche Bank, to contribute to Goal n. 7 - Sustainable Energy for All. FEEM researcher Isabella Alloisio reports on the issue.

Watch the video on the latest from Marrakech by FEEM researcher Isabella Alloisio!

Don't miss the FEEM Policy Seminar on "Was COP22 a real "COP of action"?" on 29 November 2016! 

FEEM at COP22: agreement on draft decision for loss&damage review finally reached in Marrakech

FEEM researcher Elisa Calliari reports on the loss & damage issue associated with climate change impacts under discussion at the 22nd session of the COP22 in Marrakech. Loss & damage is one of the most contentious issues of climate negotiations, and COP22 was mandated by COP19 to review the mechanism to foster understanding, action and support for loss&damage. Shortly after the video was shot, an agreement on a draft decision for the review was finally reached and made publicly available on Nov. 15. It proposes, inter alia, a process to periodically review the Warsaw International Mechanism starting in 2019.
The video was shot in collaboration with Youth Press Agency on Climate Change, Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development. 

Watch the video on the latest from Marrakech by FEEM researcher Elisa Calliari!

FEEM at COP22: how might US climate policy change?

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (#COP22) to the UNFCCC is taking place from 7-18 November 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco. How might US climate policy change after the new administration takes office in January 2017? FEEM researcher Simone Tagliapietra summarizes three possible scenarios.

Watch the video on the latest from Marrakech by FEEM researcher Simone Tagliapietra!

Read the November 14 2016 article published in The National "Trump has several ways to scuttle US climate pledges"

Have a look at the suggested events @COP22 here!

Integrated Reporting & Thinking in Practice Conference, Rome, November 17-18, 2016

How can organizations reconcile competitiveness and sustainability? The Integrated Reporting & Thinking in Practice conference will have a dual perspective. The first day will have a practical approach and will focus on the state of the art of Integrated Reporting, highlighting the importance of communication between the sustainability and finance communities, and the role of IR in supporting business strategy and the Board, through the evidence of leading IR adopters. The second day will have a more academic approach and will be the occasion to launch the <IR> Academic Network support group, which will be led by Cristiano Busco, Professor at LUISS & Roehampton.

Click here for additional information and registration!

4th November 2016: the Paris Agreement enters into force

4th November 2016 is an important date in the fight against climate change. The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted in December 2015 and signed by 192 countries has entered into force today. As of 4th November 2016, 94 countries have ratified the agreement. Only a few of the largest emitters are still missing: Russia has yet to announce a date, Australia and Japan have started the ratification process. The full implementation of the accord will require further time and action, but the result achieved in Paris was beyond all expectations.

- Find out more!
- Watch the video-message by Prof. Carlo Carraro, FEEM Scientific Director!

4th November 2016: a coincidence that sparks reflection

The Climate Change Agreement adopted at the COP21 meeting in Paris in December 2015 enters into force today. On the same day, fifty years ago, the Arno river flooded Florence, submerging streets, churches and museums. No link between these two events, but the coincidence of these two dates is food for thought. Dramatic events such as the flood in Florence are no longer rare. In recent years floods have occured in Liguria. There is no point in denying the correlation between natural disasters, global warming and climate change. “The Earth’s climate will become increasingly hot and dry”, states FEEM researcher Francesco Bosello  in an article forthcoming in “Equilibri”, the journal published by FEEM in collaboration with il Mulino).

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Nobel Prize in economics awarded to Professor Oliver Hart

On October 10, the 2016 Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holström, two foreign-born economists who now teach at Harvard and MIT, respectively. In 2009 Oliver Hart had co-authored with Luigi Zingales a FEEM Nota di Lavoro/Working Paper on “New Capital Regulation For Large Financial Institutions” later published by Oxford University Press in American Law and Economics Review. We extend our congratulations to Professor Hart for this prestigious award.

New FEEM Video Interviews with Experts on Tools & Methods to Evaluate Policies on SDGs!

The interviews with the speakers of the International Workshop on "Analytical Tools and Methods to Evaluate Impacts of Public Policies on Sustainable Development Goals" have been published on the FEEM Youtube Channel.

Watch the interviews!

The Future of European Gas Markets

Gas represents a pivotal element of the European energy architecture. The ultimate aim of this new volume by FEEM researchers Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra is to contribute to the current European gas debate by providing a balancing act between two issues, decarbonisation of the European energy system and security of gas supply.

The Truth about Climate Change report becomes the gold standard

"The Truth About Climate Change" report on climate change and the Paris agreement becomes the gold standard after reaching 600 million via radio, TV, print, Internet and the social media. The report is authored by top climate scientists including FEEM Scientific Director, Prof. Carlo Carraro.

Read the report here!
Read Ansa news here!
Read Le Figaro article here!
Read more here!

New FEEM Press volume on the Bruegel-FEEM Euro-Mediterranean Energy Talks

The current energy situation in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries is characterised by a rapid increase of energy demand, low energy efficiency and low domestic energy prices. This volume by D. Favoino (Bruegel) and S. Tagliapietra (FEEM) summarizes the key results of a brainstorming workshop recently organized by FEEM and Bruegel to look at the current situation and to investigate how to formulate a new Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation.

FEEM researcher Elena Verdolini authors article published in Risk Analysis

Expert elicitations are frequently used to characterize future technology outcomes. However, many argue that the usefulness of this methodology is limited, because estimates across studies are not easily comparable; choices in survey design and expert selection may bias results; and over-confidence is a persistent problem. The article by G.F. Nemet, L. Diaz Anadon and E. Verdolini compares data from 16 elicitations, involving 169 experts, on the 2030 costs of 5 energy technologies to provide quantitative evidence of how survey and expert characteristics affect experts’ estimates.
Read the article here!

FEEM publishes in Nature Climate Change

The Paris Agreement culminates a six-year transition towards an international climate policy architecture based on parties submitting national pledges. How should these different contributions be assessed and compared? This is the focus of the article “Economic tools to promote transparency and comparability in the Paris Agreement” published online by the journal Nature Climate Change. The article is authored by FEEM researchers Lara Aleluia Reis, Carlo Carraro and Massimo Tavoni, in collaboration with leading international researchers. 

Watch the video presentation of the article by Lara Aleluia Reis!

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