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Problems deriving from present and future impacts of climate change have increasing relevance for global societies and economies. Much has been done for mitigation, in terms of research and policies, with the aim of limiting emissions and controlling the dynamics of global warming and its consequences in terms of direct and indirect impacts.

Historically, less attention has been dedicated to adaptation, i.e. to the set of measures and actions needed immediately and in the future to limit the impacts that already act on natural and socio-economic systems.

This program aims to deepen the understanding of adaptation mechanisms, focusing in particular on the development of innovative integrated modelling tools, especially at the micro level.

Being based in Venice, the program starts from local adaption issues, mainly linked to the prospect of the progressive rise of the average sea level, and then broadens the view towards similar situations at international level, to consolidate the development of methods and tools that may have general validity and broad application potential.

The mission of the program is to develop models of adaptation to climate change starting from the Venetian context, but with a global perspective. The main objectives are the following: to develop innovative integrated models to support adaptation, with a view to managing risk on a territorial scale; to test the models in the Venetian context; and to identify hotspots in coastal areas exposed to sea level rise (e.g., Bangladesh coast) where to transfer local experiences.

Expected outcomes

  • Advancing scientific knowledge by developing innovative dynamic modelling approaches to conduct sound economic valuation analysis.
  • Supporting decision-making processes for policy advocates in the field of climate change adaptation, providing modelling outputs by simulating the behavior of (coastal) socio-ecosystems.
  • Connecting researchers and key stakeholders in the field of climate change adaptation through interdisciplinary workshops and seminars combining social, economic and environmental sciences.