FEEM Sicily

FEEM has been also active in Sicily since 2009, with projects aimed at promoting the culture of energy, sustainability and innovation in support of institutions for local development.

FEEM’s activities on the Sicilian territory are carried out in collaboration with the Gela Refinery, Enimed and Eni Rewind in the field of higher education, science outreach, theater and education activities for schools.

FEEM, in recent years, has been working on the upgrading of the Former Eni Hotel House in Gela, a multipurpose center, called the Macchitella Lab, which aims to become a local gathering place.

In 2022, thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Gela, Kore University, Eni and Sicindustria Caltanissetta, the project S.IN.AP.SI. (Sistemi INnnovativi APplicati per la Sicilia) Factory, a Technological Pole for research, development and environmental monitoring has been set up to develop new forms of collaboration between universities, local companies and startups.


01.09.2019 / 31.08.2022

Research Project | Past Project

Living Opportunities for Our Planet - LOOP

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01.09.2017 / 31.08.2020

Research Project | Past Project

Aquatic Life Lab - ALL

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