Our Local Projects


The Local Projects area carries out scientific and economic analysis, applied research and higher education and support to public and private institutions, which are embodied in the complex system of initiatives carried out in Basilicata, Ravenna and Sicily.


Local Projects

FEEM has been present in Basilicata since 2007 and, consistent with its leading research stance devoted to sustainability issues, aims to support regional decision-making and planning processes through studies, analysis and publications on urban and territorial regeneration and to promote good practices.


Local Projects

FEEM has been carrying out activities in Ravenna since 2012 under the collaboration agreements signed by Eni and the Municipality of Ravenna, activities that are also linked to Eni’s corporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement in the North Central District.


Local Projects

FEEM has been also active in Sicily since 2009, with projects aimed at promoting the culture of energy, sustainability and innovation in support of institutions for local development.