Topics of our Research

FEEM’s scientific research has an interdisciplinary and crosscutting scope and addresses different issues: the management of energy resources in the global macroeconomic context, the role of natural resources on eco-system balances, climate change mitigation and sustainable development theory and practices.

Natural Resources

Research on natural resources-society nexus

FEEM conducts scientific research on water, food and energy management and conservation


Oil and Gas

A rigorous research on fossil fuels’ global energy market

FEEM’s studies and analyses on the role of oil and gas in the energy markets


Sustainable Society

Theory, culture and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

FEEM is the SDSN’s hosting institution in Italy while researching and promoting the United Nations Agenda 2030


Climate Change Economics and Policy

A scientific approach on climate, economics and society research since 1989

FEEM conducts research and hosts conferences on public policy and economics of climate change mitigation


Energy Markets and Technologies

Examining the energy markets’ decarbonization

FEEM analyses with advanced tools the technological transformation of energetic systems


Climate Finance

Weighing climate policies variables on financial markets

Our institution assesses the role of sustainable finance and the economic impact of carbon emissions market


General Economics

Economy, Energy and Environment: the three distinctive “Es” of FEEM research

Research on economics, energy and environment has been FEEM’s hallmark since 1989



An interdisciplinary scope beyond economics, energy and the environment

FEEM gathers studies and contributions from other sectors for cultural and scientific sharing


Global Governance and Policy of Energy

Providing ideas and solutions for regional and global energy issues

Our institution studies international cooperation among key actors on energy policies