In a collaborative effort of many Mediterranean scientists, the MedECC Assessment has documented multiple risks for people and ecosystems in the Mediterranean Basin, caused by multiple forcings including climate change, unsustainable land/sea use, pollution and other factors. I will give an overview of the report and its reception and discuss current ongoing work to further support policies for social and environmental sustainability in the region.

Prof. Wolfgang Cramer
Professor Wolfgang Cramer, environmental geographer and global ecologist, is research director (CNRS) at the Mediterranean Institute for Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE), in Aix-en-Provence (France). The scientific contributions by Cramer’s research group (150+ papers) were initially in the area of modelling forest dynamics under climate change. He then began to seek a broader understanding of biosphere dynamics at the global and continental scale, including aspects of natural and human disturbance as well as biodiversity. He has been directing a large European ecosystem modelling project, ATEAM (EU FP5), as well as its companion outreach activity, AVEC. Since 1992, Wolfgang Cramer is a contributor in many roles to the IPCC (Peace Nobel Prize 2007, Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity 2022), currently working as Lead Author for the Sixth Assessment Report. With Joël Guiot, he coordinates the Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change, (MedECC, North-South Prize 2020).