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Extra Matera 2019 is a project that promotes the territories around Matera, highlighting its main features.
Taking advantage of the visibility given to Basilicata by Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, events are periodically organized to present and enhance the villages of Val d’Agri and Val Camastra, through exhibitions, performances, and conferences.
The project is led by the municipality of Viggiano; the other municipalities involved are Aliano, Calvello, Grumento Nova, Marsicovetere, Moliterno, Montalbano Jonico, Sarconi, Tramutola e Tursi.
The project also aims at promoting the web portal intornomatera2019.com through itineraries linked to culture, traditions, landscape, food and wine excellence and film set locations of the Basilicata.
It is a useful guide for tourists who want to discover the region from Matera and the portal is a tool for the local accommodation, dining, cultural facilities to find a new market and expand their target.

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