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Francesco Forte

Francesco Forte graduated in History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology  with 110/110 at the University of Calabria. He gained main training  experience abroad at the U.A.B Barcelona – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and the Chamber of Tourism of Mar del Plata (Argentina). He has a qualification in Higher Formation as a Technical Expert in Virtualization and Promotion of Cultural Heritage. He worked at the A.P.T. Basilicata (Basilicata Agency of Tourism) in the project “Lauria un percorso di eccellenze. Storia, Arte, Tradizioni e Natura” (“Lauria, a path of excellences. History, Art, Tradition and Nature”) taking care of the historical section: http://lauriadascoprire.wix.com/percorsideccellenza .
Since July 2014 he has been collaborating at L’Arrotino Magazine, http://www.arrotinomagazine.it/, in the section Radici, where he has been publishing research articles concerning the history of Lucania.
He has been working since more than ten years in the area of Tourism and Hotel Industry; at present, he is Planning Manager in this area. He is also qualified as a specialist in Tools and Techniques of Hotel Industry  and as Operator in Catering Services.
He joined FEEM in October 2014 as a researcher. He is carrying out research activities in sustainable tourism; his main research interests are tourism and cultural projects.

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02.10.2023 / 30.06.2024

Research Project | Ongoing Project

Climate ecologies in reclaimed coastal productive landscapes – ReclaiMEDlanD

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