Meno di un minuto

The new website of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) was launched in August. is not just the product of graphic restyling. It is the result of a thorough reconsideration of our web structure. After renewing our website, we now resume publishing the FEEM newsletter, a monthly source of information to keep in touch with FEEM activities. 
The change was driven by the wish to showcase the full range of scientific contents produced by FEEM research and to provide scientifically sound infomation to a non technical public involved in topical issues at different levels of interest.
The website has a number of new features
First, our activities have been grouped horizontally in 5 main areas of interest: Climate Change, Energy Challenges, Economy and Society, Focus on Africa and Local Development.
These areas draw on FEEM research and activities, and include Research Projects, Working Papers, Publications, Videos, Events, Local Initiatives that are relevant to each specific area.
Our activities are also grouped vertically as they were in our old web site. The information can therefore be sorted also by Research Programs, Publications, Events
Second, we have added images to valorize the information given and to make browsing a more interesting experience.
The home page is devoted to FEEM latest news, and it has a photo slider that opens directly on the related content.
More images have been added to the central part of the site, where information is sorted by relevance and date in individual boxes.
A special effort has been made to renew the search engine to identify contents as quickly and as accurately as possible. 
Finally, we have added a social media stream in the home page to browse the digital and social contents of the Fondazione.
After renewing our website, we are pleased to announce that in September we will resume publishing the FEEM newsletter that will announce our latest news, most significant projects, new publications and current and forthcoming FEEM events. FEEM’s Newsletter will be released monthly as a source of useful information to keep in touch with Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei.