Meno di un minuto

Earth Day turns 50. Earth day every year globally involves 1 billion people and today it will be celebrated despite Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. The impossibility for people to be together will not decrease the value of the day.

Global Earth Day was launched in 1970, in a historic moment in which environmental issues were struggling to find space in policymakers agendas. Nowadays this is the occasion for people and institutions all over the world to take a break to think about environmental policies and open challenges. Earth Day 2020 will be focused on climate change and those necessary actions to limit global warming. However, Sustainable Development as a whole will be the focus of the day and the debate will be open to discuss how to combine economic growth and environmental safety. Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei since its beginnings was looking to define the Sustainable Development paradigm. FEEM has always been next to the main international institutions and it is always working to support, with its research, the efforts to face environmental challenges.

Among Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei research projects on Sustainable Development: development and application of Circular Economy paradigm; planning of resilient and sustainable cities able to foresee and manage the risks they might be exposed to and aware of their role in the energy transition process; Africa’s urbanization; support to companies on the risks and opportunities of climate change; transport sector decarbonization: analysis of food sector sustainability; natural gas sector development; study of geopolitical scenarios for energy sector; achievement of Agenda 2030 goals at local level: cities, districts and regions in, particular; sensitization of the youth around Agenda 2030 issues, through Youth in Action contest; analysis of electric access in Africa; sub-Saharan Africa local communities training for the evaluation of their development strategies impacts; water resources management in Africa; elaboration of sustainable development strategies for the economies of some African countries, Ghana and Kenya in particular; local development sustainability.