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Coordinator: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM)

Funding entity: Banca d’Italia


In recent months, attention from the community has increased significantly science, policy makers and the main economic agents (consumers, producers, service providers, public and private) to the performance, behavior and interactions between them main energy variables, climate change indicators, variables macroeconomics, commodity markets and financial markets. In light of the specific importance assumed by energy carriers for the transition toward more sustainable society models, Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation – FEEM, in the field of the “Econometrics of the Energy Transition” research program, intends to promote an International workshop aimed at presenting and discussing the state of the art in the context of modeling the main energy variables and relationships with climatic, macroeconomic and financial variables, where the common denominator is represented by the use of advanced econometric techniques and methodologies.

The Workshop is divided into three main themes, intimately connected to each other:

  1. impacts of climate change;
  2. finance, commodity markets and risks associated with the ecological transition and energy;
  3. macroeconomic effects of energy shocks.

Among the aims of the workshop, the creation of a network that facilitates and incentivizes the

future collaborations between researchers and non-academic stakeholders on extreme topics

current economic-social issues, addressed with methodological rigor dictated by the highest standards established by the international scientific community of reference.

The innovative character of the Workshop’s formulation lies in its pioneering nature in interconnecting interdisciplinary themes to investigate a highly current area a international level, considering the current historical moment, as well as being of great interest in the sphere of scientific research but also in the more practical sphere of putting them into practice related policies.



Through the FEEM Workshop “Econometrics of the Energy Transition”, the Foundation does aims to achieve a series of important results:

  • Creation of a network between Italian and foreign researchers on analysis topics econometrics of climate change, of the impacts of energy shocks on the system economic, measurement of the risk of the energy and ecological transition, of representation of the relationships between energy markets, commodity markets and markets financial, with particular attention to methodological aspects;
  • Involvement of non-academic stakeholders, such as energy utilities, banks, international institutions;
  • Publication of the main contributions (10 articles max) in n. 1 special issue of qualified international peer-review scientific journal (e.g. Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, etc.);
  • Dissemination of the main results in n. 3 articles for non-specialists (e.g. 2 policy briefs on the FEEM website, n. 1 article on Equilibri-Magazine, etc.).

Conference Secretariat: Chiara Casoli