Meno di un minuto

We are in desperate need of a EU Energy Policy. Outcries coming from press reports, especially when something is happening (again) with East-West gas flows. Apparently, the EU is either lacking such a policy, or it is not appropriately communicating about it. Or maybe another question comes up: is it smart enough?

Aims of the project: 

  • Create a discussion forum with high level experts from academia, industry and policy makers to develop “smart energy policies” on non-trivial, tricky and controversial subjects relating to energy issues.
  • Issue a series of Policy-Briefs on a set of strategic issues to the destination of European and national policymakers.
  • These “Smart Energy Policy” closed door brainstorming workshops (with Chatham House Rule) can be used to test our policy ideas emanating from our own research work, but they can also be used to invite experts on specific subjects where we need to increase our understanding.

In 2009, we have already organized together with Clingendael (the Netherlands institute for international relations), the Loyola de Palacio Chair of the European University Institute, and Wilton Park (UK) a very successful series of four “Smart EU Energy Policy” workshops of which one (on energy security) was organized by FEEM in Milan (A Smart EU Energy Policy Workshop).

The central purpose of the 2009 “Smart EU Energy Policy” project was to contribute to the EU 2010 Energy Policy Review by comprehensively examining the different interactions between the three pillars of EU energy policy: i- competitiveness through market liberalisation; ii- a sustainable energy economy; and iii- security of supply, and determining how to strike the most effective balance between them.

We are presently developing ideas for a new 2010-2011 programme.