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Companies conceive sustainability more and more as a core element of their long-term strategy. This is particularly important for firms operating in the energy sector, as Eni does, facing a deep transformation of their business environment. Hence, the process of innovation of the business model requires an upgrade of the available tools for performance measurement. A number of initiatives, such as the Integrated Report, are being employed to holistically express companies’ achievements in the creation of long-term value. In this framework, New-IS intends to develop a reporting scheme to capture Eni’s capacity to respond to the challenges imposed by the transition towards a low-carbon economy and its collaborative approach with local communities. Indeed, an effective illustration of the Company’s sustainability and positioning in this process is beneficial to investors, commercial partners, institutions and customers and can improve its competitiveness in the long-term.

Main results and outputs 

The research will take place throughout the year 2017 and will be structured along three tasks with specific outputs:

– propose new indicators to represent Eni’s commitment towards a low-carbon economy and its activities for the socio-economic empowerment of local communities in developing countries;

– develop a dashboard to monitor firms’ performance along three integrated dimensions: Energy and Climate, Environment, Economy and Society;

– critically review the existing approaches to the non-financial disclosures, especially concerning climate-related risks.