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Integrated environmental assessment is a rapidly developing field involving scientists and decision-makers from a variety of backgrounds. Many approaches to this complicated field coexist. The project fosters cross-fertilisation of the various approaches and the building of a sense of community. The objective is to improve the scientific quality of the integrated environmental assessment and to strengthen the interaction between environmental science and policy.

The project aims at strengthening the science policy interface at European level by bringing together leading European researchers, stakeholders and policy makers, jointly addressing climate change policies and related energy, transport, land use and water policies.

It intends to test and evaluate new approaches in Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA); to explore, through IEA, the relations between climate change policies and other EU policies; to explore and make explicit the added value of integrated assessment approaches in other policy domains such as: environment, food and health; biodiversity, land use and agriculture; resource management and waste. The project represents a strong and collaborative network of leading environmental research institutes that collectively provide for an effective conduit between the science and policy communities engaged in environmental issues and policies.

Nine workshops, organised in two series and covering various environmental problems and methodologies of analysis, are foreseen.

The project involves 26 other institutes. FEEM organises a workshop dedicated to the integration of climate policies in the European environment.