We analyze the United Nations commodities trade database (UN comtrade), comprised of international commodities exchanges in volume and price with monthly resolution. We introduce a trade impact index to quantify the impact, in terms of distance travelled, of importing a specific food raw commodity in a specific period of the year and in a specific country of the world. This index captures the seasonal exchange of raw commodities in an insightful and concise manner.


Suggested citation: Quaini, S., S. Saccani, S. Vergalli, L. Assom, M. Beria, A. Codello, M. Monaco, R. Sabatini, (2020), ‘Seasonality Fingerprint on Global Trading of Food-commodities. A Data-mining Approach’, Nota di Lavoro 15.2020, Milano, Italy: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei