Globalisation involves complex shifts in the world’s social, political and economic paradigms destined to unhinge consolidated transnational relations and to lay the groundwork for future governance scenarios. A multidisciplinary approach, including the sociological, economic, anthropological, political and technological dimensions, is needed to fully comprehend the complexity and interdependence of these changes. FEEM’s “Economy and Society” Series aims at stimulating and disseminating novel perspectives to interpret the multiple cultural, economic and geostrategic challenges ahead. Capitalising on the international lectures of the Research Programme “Economy and Society”, each volume will propose a different topic, opening the debate to a variety of interpretations and providing the scientific community, decision makers and civil society with the latest theoretical insights in view of a new planetary governance.


Stark images may illustrate the current, chronic African problems i.e. the hidden link between the continent’s dramatic poverty level and its recent, unforeseen growth performances. The stunning dichotomy between this impressive economic increase and the remaining, unchanged poverty on the ground, especially in its vast rural areas and the effects of inequality, are among the main causes of the social disease in many African countries. The lecture held by Professor Ferreira analyses in depth all these fundamental issues and exposes the possible effect of future key policies from the privileged point of view of the World Bank.

ISBN number: 9788890991837

FEEM Press, Economy and Society Series, 1/2015