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FEEM researchers Emanuele Massetti and Carlo Carraro are the editors of the newly released Special Issue of the  Springer Journal "International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics" on ′Reconciling Domestic Energy Needs and Global Climate Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for China and India′.

This Special Issue collects a set of articles that take stock of the current status of the climate negotiations suggesting an unconventional and pragmatic way forward.

Despite the recent pledges by the major emitting developing countries to reduce their GHGs emissions, the articles suggest that the future international climate architecture will be fragmented and incomplete at least until 2020, and that China and India are not likely to enter a textbook-style international climate agreement in the short run.

Taking a long term perspective, the inability to build a large binding agreement with absolute targets should not be seen as a tragedy, but rather as a starting point for future steps toward global emission reductions. The articles in this Special Issue can be viewed at:

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