Meno di un minuto

Investigation in the field of film tourism, meaning the phenomenon which is born of the desire to visit film locations, confirms the role that films can play in the promotion of a territory, especially if it is not very well known. FEEM researchers Angelo Bencivenga, Delio Colangelo, Livio Chiarullo and Annalisa Percoco have authored a report on film tourism in the Basilicata region, as part of the study on sustainable tourism for local development carried out by FEEM’s Special Projects research team in Viggiano, Basilicata.

The report analyses the effects of the film "Basilicata coast to coast" by Rocco Papaleo on tourism in this region, one of the least known in Italy as far as tourism is concerned. The study confirms that adequate communication, organization and marketing strategies are the essential steps to transform tourism potential into real economic opportunities for a territory. In order to create an effective film tourism product the challenge must also be faced at a higher level with the implementation of targeted destination management strategies aimed precisely at increasing tourist traffic and the related economic benefits. An important role could be played by an integrated (public/private) strategy. Moreover, coordination between the local agencies and the creation of a regional Film Commission would contribute to develop the opportunities offered by film productions to a territory rich in scenic countryside like Basilicata.


Download the report here.