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FEEM is pleased to announce the lectures of the awardees of FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize in Environmental Economics at FEEM’s offices in Milan and Venice.

The FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize in Environmental  Economics was assigned in June 2010 to Resources for the Future (RFF) and to prof. Martin L. Weitzman, Harvard University. Today FEEM is pleased to announce that the awardees of the prize will soon deliver a FEEM lecture. On May 24, Phil Sharp, representing Resources for the Future (RFF) will deliver in Milan a lecture entitled "Is the United States Taking Effective Action on Climate Change? ", presenting and discussing the US position on climate change, while prof. Martin L. Weitzman will discuss the economics of catastrophic climate change from a theoretical perspective in a lecture entitled "An Economist Grapples with Catastrophic Climate Change" that will be delivered in Venice on June 1.

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