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A new research project on energy-related innovation mechanisms has recently been launched at FEEM under the European Research Council Grant. The project "Innovation for climate change mitigation: a study of energy R&D, its uncertain effectiveness and spillovers – ICARUS" aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of innovation processes in the energy sector and touches upon key issues, such as climate change and energy security. The project is coordinated by Valentina Bosetti, FEEM senior researcher who was assigned the prestigious grant by the European Research Council. In this interview, Bosetti explains the objectives of the project.

Valentina Bosetti, FEEM Senior researcher and assignee of a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant for a project on energy innovation, illustrates the objectives of the project "Innovation for Climate chAnge mitigation: a study of energy R&d, its Uncertain effectiveness and Spillovers" – ICARUS

  • What are the project’s objectives, its innovative component, and which methods of research do you plan to use?
  • Which specific competencies do you need in your research team to achieve the project’s objectives?
  • You decided to be hosted by FEEM to carry out the research, and  you built a research team composed almost entirely of women. Could you explain these choices?