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During the International Workshop on "Energy Poverty And Energy Access: Global Challenges And Goals" held at FEEM premises in Milan on July 10, 2014, the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) launched the second edition of the International Competition on Best Climate Practices. The title of the 2014 Contest is "Best Climate Practices for Energy Poverty Alleviation".

Currently, 1.3 billion people – one on five globally – have no access to electricity and energy infrastructures with adequate standards of quality and efficiency. Besides the effect on the environment, climate change and human health, due to the lack of clean cooking and heating facilities, energy poverty is responsible to aggravate the status of extreme indigence in which rely a large extent if world’s population. ICCG is conscious of the importance of facing these challenges as soon as possible, as the right actions can lead to win-win situations that combine climate change mitigation/adaptation actions and socio-economic development. Best Climate Practices can therefore help achieving the objective to alleviate energy poverty tackling at the same time the climate change challenge.

You have time to submit your practice on Energy Poverty Alleviation from July 10th to October 15th, 2014.




By encouraging institutions, citizens, researchers and businesses to reflect constructively on the dual challenges of climate change and energy poverty, ICCG believe it is possible to develop concrete, innovative solutions aimed at solving the problem and promoting economic development and social dignity. Find out more on the contest and submit your proposal by October 15th 2014.

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