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The Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) has been established! The Call for Membership in now open for individuals and institutions. [Go to the membership webpage]

SISC was created to serve as a meeting point for scientists from different disciplines, who use climate information for their research: from climatologists to physicists and chemists, geographers to agronomists, economists to political scientists, and all scholars that deal with climate-related sciences and their applications. [Find a full description of SISC on the website www.sisclima.it]

Becoming a SISC member is the easiest way to join the Italian network of scientists dealing with climate in their studies and research, thus contributing to scientific progress and innovation of climate sciences in Italy.

Who can become a member? Any person, of any nationality, who is involved in climate change sciences in their training or profession, can become an SISC member. Researchers, scientists, experts and students that deal with climate sciences and climate policies are particularly encouraged to become a member. Students can enjoy a reduced fee compared to the standard membership fee.

Membership Benefits SISC membership benefits include:

  • Participation in the SISC Annual Conference at a discounted price [Go to the Call for Papers]
  • The right to vote for the President and the Board of Directors during the General Assembly of members and Elections
  • Access to the private area of the SISC website, which contains a complete list of members and their personal pages
  • A personal page within the SISC website, visible to other members, where each member can ask our team to enter information about themselves and their research interests
  • The right to contribute, free of charge, to the Career and Wall sections of the SISC website.

CMCC played a key role in the Association’s start-up, and is one of its Institutional Members. This is an additional reason for taking active part in the life of the SISC!

How to get a Membership Get the SISC membership entirely on-line, through the SISC website at this webpage You will be requested to fill in a membership form and to choose the method of payment that meets your preference.
Please contact info@sisclima.it to be sent the relevant information.