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Improved access to information appears to have greatly amended the performance of markets in many rural areas, especially in markets for perishable products.

The emergence of money transfer and payment mechanisms has potentially enormous implications for access to finance and payment mechanisms for a huge population of people currently without access to banks.

The 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists, “Agriculture in an Interconnected World” – ICAE 2015 , is intended to capture the widespread adoption of new communication technologies. The theme embraces a broad range of interconnections that are contributing to unprecedented changes in global agriculture.

On the occasion of the Conference, held in Milan on August 8th-14th 2015, Prof. Carlo Carraro, Coordinator of the "Climate Change and Sustainable Development" Research Programme at FEEM,  will give a keynote speech on "Climate change: scenarios, impacts, policies and business opportunities" (August 13, 2015 – Plenary Session 5).