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The 2014 FEEM Award was presented during the European Economic Association (EEA) Annual Congress at the Toulouse School of Economics on August 28, 2014. The prizes were bestowed to Christian Krekel (DIW Berlin), with a paper entitled “Natural disaster, policy action, and mental well-being: the case of Fukushima”; Anna Raute (UCL and University of Mannheim), with a paper entitled “Do Financial Incentives Affect Fertility – Evidence From a Reform in Maternity Leave Bene-fits”; and Marta Silva (ISCTE-IUL − University Institute of Lisbon), with a paper entitled “Asymmetric Labour Market Reforms and the Wage Growth of Fixed-Term Contracts: Does Learning about Match Quality Matter?”.

Interview with Christian Krekel, DIW Berlin



Interview with Marta Silva, ISCTE-IUL − University Institute of Lisbon



Interview with Anna Raute, University College London and University of Mannheim



For further details of the 2014 FEEM Award Ceremony please CLICK HERE.

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