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The 2012 FEEM Award was conferred for the fourth year during the 27th European Economic Association (EEA) Congress at the University of Malaga in Spain. The three winners of this edition of the FEEM Award are: Fadi Hassan, London School of Economics, with a paper entitled: "The Price of Development"; Itziar Lazkano, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, with a paper entitled: "Intergenerational Externalities and Sustainable Growth"; and Julia Schmidt, Graduate Institute (IHEID) Geneva, with a paper entitled: "Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics".

Interview with Fadi Hassan, London School of Economics

  • It is common wisdom that richer countries have a higher price level than poorer countries. What about the price-income relationship in developing countries?
  • Why and how could your study on the "price of development" lay the ground for further research? 


    Interview with Itziar Lazkano, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • What effect can inter-generational externalities have on sustainable growth?
  • In this context, what is the role played by the demand of clean technologies?
  • What are the main findings of your paper "Intergenerational Externalities and Sustainable Growth"?


    Interview with Julia Schmidt, Geneva Institute of International and Development Studies

  • You present technology as a phenomenon in itself, instead of considering it as a simple exogenous force. What is thus the impact of technology on productivity and what are the feedback mechanisms between technological innovation and the macroeconomic cycle?
  • You also investigate the role of standardization. Why is it an important indicator of technological progress, even more than patents? 

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