Meno di un minuto

The European project ALL – Aquatic Life Lab, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, lead by FEEM, has come to an end. This three-year project led students, and their teachers, from three European countries bordering the Mediterranean, in an educational path on the theme of marine biodiversity conservation and protection.

FEEM, together with the technical and scientific partners (CivicaMente, Fondazione Cetacea and the Blue World Institute), – collaborated with the upper secondary schools Oriani in Ravenna and Vittorini in Gela (Italy), the V. Gimnazija Institute in Zagreb (Croatia) and the Apostolon Petrou & Pavlou in Limassol (Cyprus) with the twofold objective of stimulating the technological and scientific skills of the participants (both students and teachers) and to raise awareness on issues related to sustainable development.

The participants carried out several activities including the online training for teachers and students based on the Open Mind methodology and ICT Pedagogy; the treasure hunt (Blue Hunt) carried out by 190 students in various key locations in Gela, Ravenna, Limassol and Zagreb using a special App; the production of eBooks, -by the students, on issues related to marine biodiversity and the protection of the coastal ecosystem.

The partners overtook the difficulties related to the current health emergency and were able to reorganize most of the project’s final activities online, including the awarding of the 3 best eBooks produced by transnational groups of students. The project products are available and downloadable through different platforms (Project Results Platform; FEEM Webpage; Educazione Digitale).

To find out more, visit the official project website.