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Global dialogue on decarbonization has recently reached a new stage, moving from agreement to implementation. Scientists and experts call on global leaders and key stakeholders for the rapid adoption and implementation of strong and efficient measures to shift toward a zero-emissions world by 2050. The involvement of all the major stakeholders is needed to kickstart the societal transition needed in the next 11 years. Engineers and scientists have the technical knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to methodically plan and implement a sustainable pathway forward towards total decarbonization. Can the national governments of countries all over the world populate their low-emission development strategies with the technologies available now, without major breakthrough? For answering these and other key questions on global energy transition and to identify key focal points for decarbonization strategies, FEEM and SDSN launched the High-level Workshop on 2nd – 3rd April, 2019 at FEEM headquarters in Milan, Italy.