Meno di un minuto

On November
30, 2017 in Rome, FEEM researcher J. Bonan 
will take part in the Conference on behavioural science titled “Behavioral
Environmental Policy”
 organized by 
Servizi Energetici (GSE)
. The Conference focuses on the application of behavioural science to
the energy and environmental sectors, by presenting success cases.

J. Bonan
will present the preliminary results of the research “Impact evaluation of an
energy efficiency behavioural intervention: the Genius program”
, carried
out  jointly with G. D’Adda (Politecnico
di Milano), C. Cattaneo (FEEM) and M. Tavoni (FEEM
and Politecnico di Milano). The study shows that a behavioural
intervention based on the use of social norms, carried out by 
Eni Gas e Luce on their customers, was
effective in reducing electricity consumption. The research also explores the
heterogeneity of the intervention effects and investigates the possible
mechanisms driving the change in consumption.