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FEEM, within its activities carried out by the local projects, has
published three articles on the 
Review of
Studies on Sustainability
 (1/2017 – Edizioni Franco Angeli, 2017) on the
topic of sustainable tourism for the local development.
The articles are:

  1. The European Capital of Culture: a tool for promoting human capital. Matera 2019 case study”, L. Buccino, L. Chiarullo, L. Farnia, A. M.
    Giampietro, E. Romagnano, A. Pepe., pp. 47-69.
  2. Innovation
    and new business models in tourism
    D. Colangelo, M. De Filippo, L. Farnia, pp. 149-168.
  3. Food and
    wine tourism in Basilicata: the positioning map in tourism product
    “, A. Bencivenga, A. M.
    Giampietro, A. Percoco, pp. 219-235.