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On May 14-15, 2019 FEEM hosts the Global Conference on “Reporting for Results-based REDD+ Actions (RRR+) project”, organized by Coailition of Rainforest Nations.

The overall goal of the RRR+ project is to contribute to the assessment of progress towards the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement through improved GHG inventory (GHGI) reporting. In particular, the project aims to develop and institutionalize the capacities of tropical forest countries to prepare and report to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement on anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals from the agriculture, forestry and land use sectors (AFOLU). Robust GHG Inventories, that comply with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines, along with strong in-country capacity to report on national emissions and removals to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement are a critical first step in enabling access to results-based REDD+ finance, and ultimately in reducing global emissions and increasing removals through enhanced forest cover.

The RRR+ Global Conference will convene all project countries to share, analyze and capitalize on the results of three years of project activities and to secure political buy-in for the GHGI unit teams in the project countries. The Global Conference will highlight the importance of the GHGI work for the success of REDD+ implementation in rainforest nations. Through the gathering of high-level country officials, decision makers and focal points, and technical experts, the event will deepen common understanding of best practices, challenges, needs and methods for sustainable GHGI reporting that is currently applied in other countries. In addition, country representatives will share their experiences on challenges and opportunities behind the GHGI work on AFOLU as well as details of their respective improvement plans and ways forward to finalize the process to obtain results-based payments. The RRR+ Global Conference will be an opportunity for country focal points and high-level decision makers to exchange views on resource mobilization processes, institutional arrangements and cross-ministerial cooperation on reporting. Selected country examples will be showcased. Participants will come from a wide range of experiences and the Global Conference will reflect this diversity. It is highly recommended that RRR+ focal points and senior officials participate.