Meno di un minuto

In 2024, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei is organising a series of research seminars on studies and possible solutions to improve the ecostystem of the city of Venice and its Lagoon.

Programme 2024

► February, 8 – h. 12
«Contrasting sea level rise in Venice by seawater injection below its lagoon»
by Pietro Teatini

►March, 1 – h. 12
«Venice and the Acqua Alta in the perspective of Climate Change»
by Georg Umgiesser

►March, 25 – h. 12
«The economic valuation of ecosystem services of the Venice lagoon: analysis of individual and intertemporal preferences»
by Stefania Tonin

►April, 11 – h. 12
«Venice economic activities and the MoSE system: a long term cost-benefit analysis»
by Carlo Giupponi