This brief explains CPI’s understanding and definition of key climate finance terms and the reasons for these definitions to inform the debate and build a common understanding among stakeholders.

  • Policy makers, investors, financial intermediaries and analysts do not always have the same understanding of key climate finance terms and concepts. CPI has built a simple framework to help understand the entry points for public and private finance from both the project and whole economy perspectives. It also helps to show that public framework expenditures are an essential part of the transition towards low-carbon and climate-resilient economies.
  • During the seminar, Angela will present this framework and the definitions of climate finance CPI applies in its tracking and analytical work.  Padraig will then present early findings from a geothermal project case study, which highlights how some elements of the definitional framework play out in practice.

Publication available here.


This seminar has been jointly organized by CPI and FEEM.