Does the implementation of climate change mitigation policies in developing countries always require trading-off  economic development/poverty reduction and climate protection, or is there room for “win-win policies”?  Within the UNFCCC this question has been – up to now – most frequently divisive with struggles along a rift centring on ‘historical responsibilities’, the ‘right to emit’ and ‘fair global carbon shares’. More recently, however, both developed and developing countries became aware of the need to work towards the implementation of strategies, effective in tackling climate change without compromising future economic growth and poverty reduction priorities. In the aftermath of the Paris COP, considering both the synergies and challenges linking climate change and development become more and more relevant. The side event aims at engaging UNFCCC delegates with the results of the CliMiP project, which analysed synergies and trade-offs between climate change mitigation and poverty reduction. In particular, international speakers will present research comparative evidence from both developing and developed countries, namely Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and the EU.