Research on cities and climate change has primarily focused on the economic and social costs of climate change (Tol, 2009; Owen, 2009; Davoudi et al, 2009). There has been limited focus on the impact of climate change on human health at the level of the city. The World Health Organization (WHO) (2010) has been emphasizing the importance of urban health in relation to climate change. Thus the aim of this research project is to investigate: How are cities responding to threats on human health presented by climate change and is a focus on human health and well-being  a viable solution for addressing climate change in cities? In order to assess how (and if) cities are addressing human health in relation to climate change, the proposed research methodology involves undertaking a content analysis of 20-30 city plans internationally.  Based on the results of the content analysis, in depth case studies will be undertaken on 2-3 cities, to evaluate and assess policies undertaken by these cities to mitigate the impacts of climate change on health.

This seminar has been jointly organized by FEEM and ICCG (International Center for Climate Governance).