The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is a new, global initiative that draws on expertise from around the world to design and pilot the next generation of cutting edge climate finance instruments. Based on proposals from around the world, The Lab identified instruments that have potential to drive climate investment in developing countries at scale. The Lab is taking several of these forward with further analysis and stress-testing to prepare them for piloting, including:

  • The Climate Development & Finance Facility, which aims to create a new entity to provide fast-track finance to climate mitigation projects;
  • Energy Savings Insurance, which would guarantee financial savings from company energy efficiency investments, mitigating a financial barrier to those investments;
  • The Long-term Currency Swap, which would catalyze renewable energy investment in developing countries by mitigating exchange rate risk and supporting the development of commercial currency swap markets; and
  • Agricultural Supply Chain Adaptation Facility, which would provide long-term finance for investments in climate-resilience and knowledge to farmers along the supply chain of agricultural businesses.

This seminar has been jointly organized by CPI and FEEM.