For the past three years, the PASHMINA project consortium has developed and experimented with a new generation of tools to better assess the interaction between the economy and the environment, the paradigm shifts in the energy-transport-environment nexus and land use and territorial functions, and the shifts beyond GDP measurement and the economic growth paradigm.

The results obtained, the policy recommendations formulated and the questions that emerged will be presented during this one day conference, on Tuesday, 16 October. The conference will include:

  • The Research Perspective: Presentation of the main project results (morning session)
  • Policy Inputs on Global Paradigm Shifts: Presentation and debate organized around three shifts considered – Beyond Oil, Beyond GDP, and Beyond Tangibles (afternoon session)

PASHMINA is funded by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, under the 7th Framework Programme and part of the forward looking activities, Evaluation of policies and modelling of post carbon societies.

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