The aim of the ECONADAPT project, funded by the EC DG Research and undertaken by a pan-European consortium led by the University of Bath, is to provide user-orientated methodologies and evidence relating to economic appraisal criteria to inform the choice of climate change adaptation actions using analysis that incorporates cross-scale governance under conditions of uncertainty. A critical theme of the proposal is therefore to support the application of adaptation economics in the period following the publication of the EU’s 2013 Adaptation Strategy, focusing on key decision areas that need enhanced economic information, and on the key users of such information.

The project will work intensively with stakeholders from e.g. relevant DGs, Member States, Regional or local policy makers, and seek to learn from, and inform, experience. The methods and approaches will be co-developed with the diverse user groups engaged in using economic data within adaptation decision making.  A strong link will be made with the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT), with the guidance and economic information designed for a wide range of users.

The ECONADAPT project runs for three years beginning in October 2013. It is co-ordinated by Dr Alistair Hunt at the University of Bath, UK, the organizer of the workshop hosted in Venice.