We live in a century of urbanisation. Millions have moved to cities in the last decades, another 2.7 billion will join till 2050 – creating new urban powerhouses, transforming large cities to megacities and changing villages to world known centres. Cities provide higher living standards and the right turf for innovation; their density and compactness could theoretically lead to efficient and environmentally sound living places. Today however, the consumption patterns of city dwellers and poorly designed infrastructures lead to high GHG emissions and resource use – challenges already felt strongest in Asia, where the majority of these changes are happening.

In this webinar we will give an insight into low carbon urban development in Asia, and discuss challenges and proposed solutions with examples from China and the Philippines.

The webinar is part of the EU-funded project POCACITO, which has the objective to facilitate the transition of EU cities to a forecasted sustainable or “post-carbon” economic model, eventually leading to an evidence-based EU 2050 post-carbon city roadmap. Additionally, the project will support an international knowledge exchange of urban best practices between cities in the EU and worldwide, especially China and Brazil.

FEEM is an official partner of the POCACITO project.

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