The success of the international climate policy crucially depends on how much and what type of finance is going to be made available to support efforts that bring the world towards a low-carbon future. Research and work related to various aspects of climate finance are ongoing in many places, and there is the need to reinforce knowledge exchange between experts to enhance the speed with which climate finance can be successful for the transition to a low-carbon growth future.

This workshop aims at filling this gap. Its objective is to bring together policymakers and experts from research organizations and finance institutions who are active along the spectrum of public and private finance issues giving precedence/encouraging open discussion.
After a review of the global state of play in climate finance, the workshop will focus on three main issues: (i) defining methods to calculate finance flows, (ii) ways to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of cross-national finance flows, and (iii) weaknesses and strengths of risk-sharing mechanisms. Panelists will discuss how experiences of funding and investment practices might raise analogue methodological and performance questions in the context of international climate finance. Based on these discussions, the concluding panel will highlight what is needed to render climate finance effective, identifying a strategy that paves the way for a transition to a low-carbon growth future.

This workshop will provide a platform for actors from both the public and private sector to initiate a concrete dialogue on climate finance, both with and within the finance community.

*** Closed-door Workshop ***