The 2014 FEEM International Workshop on “Oil and Commodity Price Dynamics” is intimately related to the oil conferences organized by the FEEM research programme “Energy: Resources and Markets” in the last two years, namely the 2012 Conference on “Financial Speculation in the Oil Markets and the Determinants of the Oil Prices” and the 2013 Conference on “Oil Price Forecasts and Trends”.

The ambition of this year’s workshop is to provide participants with updated and high-quality perspectives on a number of issues which are crucial to understand the complexity and the evolution of the international oil markets, the dynamics of the price of oil, the financialization and the interconnections of oil, energy and non-energy commodity derivatives markets.

This aim is accomplished by gathering together internationally distinguished scholars, professionals from energy and financial institutions, as well as FEEM researchers to discuss:

  • The effects of aggregate and market-specific economic shocks on commodity markets;
  • The determinants of the price of oil and the ability to provide the industry with plausible forecasts of where oil prices are heading next;
  • Price discovery among the price benchmarks in the market for crude oil, and issues related to the practice of using reference prices in the oil market;
  • The dynamics of the link between spot and futures prices in the oil market and the determinants of its intensity over time;
  • Recent trends in oil production in specific oil markets;
  • The tight oil revolution and its implications for exporting crude oil from the US;
  • Financialization and speculation in energy, commodity and environmental markets;
  • The relationship between oil price increases and high food prices, and the role of speculative activity in explaining co-movements between food and equity price variations.

The meeting will be attended by a selected audience from the Italian and international economic, financial, academic and political community. If you would like to attend, given the limited availability of seats, we kindly ask you to contact the events office at or +39 02.520.36933/36990.