The conference focuses on ecosystem services, exploring the understanding between biodiversity, ecosystem health, ecosystem services and human wellbeing. Furthermore, the conference will also address the identification of effective tools that help us to map and quantify such complex relationships, highlighting the potential role that natural resources, in general, and ecosystems, in particular, have in promoting the wealth of communities. International experts address how scientists pursue an economic valuation of ecosystem services, attaching a welfare value to services that are provided by ecosystems, and illustrating how the identified methodologies can favour the integration of nature sustainability and economic development in real economies. The important relationship between ecosystem services valorisation, socio-economic development and firms will be analyzed, also through the presentation of research results and case studies. Finally, the conference creates the occasion for a debate, where policy makers, NGO members, institutional representatives, academic and research fellows will share and compare their point of views on the issues of conservation and sustainable exploitation of resources.


Organization: FEEM and University of Basilicata
Partners: ENI and supported by Regione Basilicata