Innovation is a key component of success for all world regions and works as a central platform  through which government actions and businesses efforts can interact. We are witnessing a surge in knowledge-intensive activities by firms in catch-up economies, which are altering the geography of ideas and their commercialisation across the globe. This clearly has implications for the EU in terms of international competition and growth strategy.

In three years of activities, the EU research project INGINEUS – "Impact of Networks, Globalisation, and their Interaction with EU Strategies" ( has mapped the new geography of knowledge-intensive activities and has put an initiative in understanding the concept of Global Innovation Networks (GINs).

This conference will shed light on:
• threats and opportunities from the rapid growth of newly emerging economies;
• policy options to attract knowledge and to stimulate creation of GINs with latecomer
• the role of institutional frameworks in both the EU and emerging economies;
• how EU firms can tap into external knowledge sources.
The conference will be an opportunity to present and discuss the results of the project with the European Commission, stakeholders and a selected audience from the S&T community. It will also explore possible new collaborations in the field of Global Innovation Networks.

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