The 2015 circular economy package has created an important momentum to support the transition towards a more circular economy in the EU. This package included legislative proposals on waste, with long-term targets to reduce landfilling and increase recycling and reuse. In order to close the loop of product lifecycles, it also included an Action Plan to support the circular economy in each step of the value chain – from production to consumption, repair and manufacturing, waste management and secondary raw materials that are fed back into the economy.

In early 2017, the Commission also:

  • took further measures by establishing a Circular Economy Finance Support Platform with the European Investment Bank (EIB) bringing together investors and innovators
  • issued guidance to Member States on converting waste to energy: Communication on the role of waste-to-energy
  • proposed a targeted improvement of legislation on certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment

With the European Economic and Social Committee, the EC launched a European stakeholders’ platform for the circular economy on 10 March 2017.