Over the last ten years China has achieved economic supremacy in the Asian region and has gained a pivotal role in understanding ongoing worldwide geostrategic scenarios. The many economic analyses that have investigated its rising hegemony have however failed to address the dynamics and processes behind its social structure, particularly as concerns the potential role of the new élite in renewing world power.
Prof. Jean-Christophe Iseux von Pfetten, first Caucasian member of the Upper-House of Chinese Parliament and advisor to the Communist Party, will present a unique vision of the role played by the new Chinese élites in the definition of policies for a new consolidated world governance: economic growth, energy needs and use of natural resources, foreign policy and strategic alliances. A privileged viewpoint to understand the geostrategic consequences ahead.

Jean-Christophe Iseux von Pfetten
Professor Jean-Christophe Iseux von Pfetten is the President of the Royal Institute for East-West Strategic Studies and Visiting-Professor at the Research Institute of World Economy, People’s University of China (since 2006). He is well known as the first non-Chinese member of a Chinese parliamentary institution (CPPCC 2001-2005). He is China advisor to a number of Fortune 500 companies and currently holds non-executive positions on the boards of seven companies.
In China, Prof. Iseux von Pfetten is an honorary advisor to several governmental institutions including the CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee, NDRC Investment Research Institute, National School of Administration, MOFCOM Transnational Institute, All-China Chamber of Commerce, MOE Society of Environmental Sciences, the China Investment Association and the National Economic Research Institute. He was recipient of the Lei Feng Award in 1999 and made Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 2003.
Outside the PRC he is also the Hon. Representative of the Vancouver Board of Trade, Special Advisor to the French Study Committee on National Defence, Visiting Professor of Assumption University (Thailand), and China advisor to US Coalition of Services Industries and to Malaysia based Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute. He received his MSc in management studies from Templeton College, Oxford in 1991 and his BSc, MSc, D.Eng degrees from the University of Strasbourg.