The 2010 FEEM Award ceremony took place on 24 August 2010 before the Adam Smith Lecture by Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz at the 25th EEA congress at the University of Glasgow.

The prizes were bestowed by Prof. Stiglitz, at the presence of EEA president Timothy Besley, and FEEM executive director Bernardo Bortolotti.

The three winners of the second edition of the FEEM Award are:

  • Nina Guyon with a paper entitled "The Effect of Tracking Students by Ability into Different Schools"
  • Benjamin Elsner with a paper entitled "Does Emigration Benefit The Stayers? The Eu Enlargement As A Natural Experiment. Evidence From Lithuania"
  • Florian Mayneris with a paper entitled "Entry on Export Markets and Firm-Level Performance Growth: Intra-Industrial Convergence or Divergence"

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