Sustainably managing the local and the global commons requires not only an understanding of the environmental factors that affect them, but also a knowledge of the interactions and feedback cycles that operate between such resource dynamics and the socio-economic dynamics attributable to human intervention. This, in turn, calls for an investigation of the behavioural drivers behind human action.

The workshop aims to bring a multidisciplinary approach to the environmental challenges inherent in the provision and utilization of the services originating from common-pool resources. By establishing bridges between the socio-economic, the ecological and the behavioural traditions, the goal is to find new insights into the mechanisms that can promote and sustain cooperation among the end-users of the commons.

The workshop will bring together a broad audience of selected international researchers from fields ranging from theoretical biology and economics, to behavioural and computational social science. Such diversity of backgrounds will promote the exchange of the latest research and policy proposals among the participants, as well as provide an opportunity to embark in subsequent common efforts.